I am a freelance Illustrator and visual artist at ProKraft Africa. I hold a BA degree in Design from the University of Nairobi (2014), with a special focus on Illustration.
I discovered my love for the arts and illustrating at a tender age, enabling me to blossom into the career I have today. Additionally, my love for wildlife drove me to pursue the visual arts which eventually morphed into me current fixation with portraiture and caricatures.
I enjoy creating caricatures of people because it makes people smile and laugh, It’s making fun of someone in an indulgent way that they are happy about. I am also currently experimenting with different styles of art.
I use my art to communicate, express raw emotion and connect with people in ways words alone cannot. As opposed to photography, I feel like illustration has no boundaries in terms of expression and breaking ‘reality’ rules. You can really exaggerate and enhance emotion of the subject matter.